Castings produced by Superkino gives excellent surface finish as required by customers. To highlight this, following values of surface finished are achievable by different Casting Processes. We are in a position to constantly offer our castings in range of 150 to 200 Rms.

Cast Comparator

Superkino has moved into the new millennium with great expectations. Our mission statement is 'to be the preferred manufacturer of high quality Permanent and sand Mold aluminum castings and products. To arrive at this position three major goals MUST be met:

  • To have "Zero Defects" in all of our orders
  • To maintain a 100% on time delivery schedule
  • To ship the customer's order complete
You can rest assured that we at Superkino have the tools to insure these goals materialize.
There are many types of finishes available from Superkino.

Bright Dip
This process brightens the aluminum finish for Cosmetic purposes. The difference in the appearance could be Like comparing a 60 and 100 watt light bulb.

Sand/Bead Blasted
Parts can be shot blasted with SS balls to have better & uniform cast surface. Some customer specify this process for cosmetic appearance as well. It will also help to blend some of the sanding or other finishing mark.

When a customer wants a Trademark or Lettering, it's simply a matter of getting the information. Tell us your requirements and we take it from there.

In addition to the above services that are performed in house, special coatings or finishes are available from local companies we have partnerships with.

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