Rubber Cork Gasket Material (Cork In Electrical Industry)

Mechanical Properities

(Very Good Oil Resistant)

    Hardness IRDH

70 +/-10

    Dimensional change Percent Max.


    Tensile Strength Kg/Cm2 (KPa*) Min.

15.50 (1550)

    Compressibility at 28 kg/Cm2 (2800 KPa) %


    Recovery Percent Min.


    Compression Set Percent Max.


    Chemical Test on water extracts:-
      a) P.H. where applicable
      b) Chloride content (as chloride ion)
      c) Sulphate content (as sulphate ion)

5.0 to 8.50
0.2 percent Max.
0.2 percent Max.

    Volume change after immersion in ASTM
    oil No 3 for 70 hours at 1000 C temp

15 per cent Max.

* 1 kg/Cm2=98.0665 Kpa
* Material available in 36"*24" (915mm*610mm)
* Variation in thickness at any point on the sheet is +/- 10 percent for thickness upto 2.50mm and +/-0.25 mm for thickness above 2.50 mm.

  • Prevents leakage of very searching cooling fluids used in modern Electrical transformers.

  • Can also be used in switchgears, circuitbreakers, lightning arresters and other transmission equipments.

  • Rubber Cork Gasket Material Specification as per IS-4253 Part-II 1980.

  • The standard range for RC-70C is 915*610, 915*915 and 1000*2000 (Thickness as per client specifications). However, we also cater to individual client requirements of different sizes by preparing special moulds for the same, at negligible extra costs.

Gate Valves
  • Bronze Gate Valves (Flanged NRS Tested to 300 PSI) for transformer.. applications are available in 15mm (GG-11), 20mm (GG-12), 25 mm (GG-13), 32 mm (GG-14), 40 mm (GG-15), 50 mm (GG-16), 65 mm (GG-17) and 80 mm (GG-18) sizes.

  • Bronze Gate Valves (Flanged NRS Tested to 300 PSI) are also available with locking arrangement with 'O' ring flanged end, in 15mm (GG-19), 20mm (GG-20), 25 mm (GG-21), 50 mm (GG-22), 80 mm (GG-23) and 100 mm (GG-24) sizes.

  • Bronze Gate Valves (Flanged NRS) with Screwed Ends are available in 15mm (GG-25), 20mm (GG-26), 25 mm (GG-27), 32 mm (GG-28), 40 mm (GG-29), 50 mm (GG-30), 65 mm (GG-31) and 80 mm (GG-32) sizes.

Electrical Insulation
  • Disc Collar (MI-11), Snout (MI-12), Angle Cap Collar (MI-13), Cap Collar with Snout (MI-14), Angle Ring with Snout (MI-15) and Machined Components (MI-16) are products in our range of Moulded Insulation products.

  • Our components are made from best raw materials matching the international standards and provide best features in insulation components for withstanding various electrical and mechanical stresses.

  • Rounding of corners to avoid fluffy fibres. We provide close dimensional.. tolerances in thickness to ensure axial symmetry during coil manufacture.

  • The moulded components used to shield the HV terminations and to limit the height of the transformers are manufactured to meet customer design specifications with special moulds.

  • Clamping rings possessing high compressive strength are also manufactured to cater to customer's specifications.

  • Our Permawood Section includes fabrication of components required in.. transformers such as Static End Rings (MI-17), Permawood Machine Components (MI-18), Permawood Sectors (MI-19), Coil Clamping Rings, Bottom Support Rings and Blocks, Additional Segments, Support Bottoms, Clamps and Nuts etc. These components are based on tailor made customer designs and are prepared & monitored by skilled workmen.

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