Late Mr. Sitaram Shah, Chairman of the company launched a non-ferrous foundry in early sixties, specifically to cater an engineering units in and around Bombay. To build on this foundation, a full fledged machine shop facility was set up where most of the castings were machined before being shipped to the customers, in late sixties.

As a mode of forward integration and to keep pace with the rapidly changing business and economic scenario of the country, one more unit was added in mid seventies, to cater to specific demands of the customers like Painting and Electromechanical assembly. This unit was initially catering to specific demands of Cinematographic equipments but subsequently diversified and entered in the field of Industrial and Flameproof Audio, Lighting Fixtures and other Engineering Products.

New foundry unit was set up in the year 1990 in 1000 Sq.meter of Industrial shed on 3000 meter plot at Umbergaon in the state of Gujarat, 140 Km north of Mumbai. Painted or Assembled.

Subsequently in the year 2009 another facility was build of 1200 Sq meter RCC structure where entire manufacturing facility like machining, Testing, Finishing & Product building was shifted from Mumbai next to Existing Foundry unit.

Today, Superkino is in a position to produce Aluminum castings ranging from a few grams in GDC upto 170 kg Single piece in Sand Casting with quantity ranging from few pieces to a few thousand pieces in Raw cast form, Duly Heat Treated , Machined , Painted or Assembled. Super Kino is also fully equipped to manufacture any kind of Electromechanical assembly based on castings. Superkino has now fully developed and independent business divisions viz. Underwater Lights & LOCA condition lighting for Nuclear Power stations & Transformer Accessories which deliver seamless products to customers both in India as well as outside India.

Late Mr. Sitaram Shah
With Founder who worked tirelessly for 40 years in setting up Units , Building Team . He was looking after Accounts and Administration matters related to Company.

Mission is to see the name of Superkino being proudly associated with companies around the globe, specifically in Industrially Developed nations, as a source of Aluminum castings and castings based products & one day have Public listing of Superkino.

Jayant Shah
Mechanical Engineer with over 40 years of experience in Machining and Product Manufacturing. The current M.D. and now driving force behind the Company.

Mission is to see efficiency and productivity associated with every activity of Superkino.

Nirmal Shah
Electrical Engineer with over 20 years of experience in Office Automation and Information Technology. Current Portfolio is to handle Manufacturing of both Foundry & Machining Facility.

To strive for perfection in every product manufactured by Superkino & grow the list of satisfied customers.

Mehul Shah
Mechanical and Metallurgical Engineer with over 29 years of experience in Aluminum Casting Technology and Product Development. Current Portfolio is New development & setting up of Growth plan.

To make Superkino achieve higher level of Efficiency by best use of New technology in Manufacturing & IT to provide customer with best of service & product. To employ more than 1000 Employee one day, which will support 1000 families & help India in small way in becoming superpower in next 20 years.

Tapan Shah
Commerce Graduate with 16 year Of Experience in all commercial matter like Taxation, Administration & also in Marketing.

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