Superkino uses strict process controls and has QUALITY SYSTEMS as per ISO 9001:2008 to ensure, all parts meet the customer's quality requirements. In order to eliminate defects, all manufacturing processes are controlled and continuously monitored as a part of our unambiguous Zero-Defect policy.

We believe it is imperative to find defects as early as possible in the manufacturing process and invoke immediate corrective action before parts undergo further processing.

Using this belief, our molders perform a "hot" Inspection by visually checking each and every casting for flaws and imperfections that may be characteristic to a job. The casting continues down the line if and only if all the quality criteria are met. Otherwise, the casting is returned to the trouble shooting team. As the casting proceeds through trimming, it is visually inspected at each processing station and a 100% final visual inspection is performed prior to packaging. As needed, hot castings are taken away from the molding area, quenched, and measured for critical dimensions.

Our Zero Defect policy extends to our incoming materials as well. Reverting again to the example of our Permold foundry, Superkino only uses high-quality virgin aluminum ingots and does not as a matter of policy, purchase scrap aluminum. Composition of the ingot is always checked to see that specifications are met & in fact all heats are tested on Spectrometer before it is released for pouring. This eliminates the chance of producing castings of incorrect alloys and tempers.

The story does not end there. In addition to process inspections, Superkino routinely performs rigorous final inspection on its finished products. Rigorous inspections can often involve careful testing for electrical and mechanical parameters and critical dimensions using state-of-the-art CMM systems.

We invite customer and potential customer for quality audits, as we have grown accustomed to them from our exposure to the mass transit industry. And as always, our Quality Manual is available for your review.

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