Business Advantage
India "worlds" largest democracy with population of 1.2 Billion and geographical area spread in 3,287,000 sq. k.ms. with abundant deposits of metals and mineral, with largest population of skilled man power with very low wages provides tremendous opportunity for highly developed nations like U.S.A., Japan and Western European countries for sourcing both man and material from India at comparatively lower costs without compromising on quality and delivery. As world is becoming smaller and smaller and international trades growing as never before after signing of GATT by almost all countries of world, this provides an opportunity for large multinationals to be more competitive and helps them to penetrate newer world markets.

Geographical Advantage
India is surrounded from three sides by water. On Western Side by Arabian Sea, Southern Side by Indian Ocean and Eastern Side by Bay of Bengal. This provides an excellent opportunity to ship goods by sea route which is cheapest means of transportation and can reach any corner of world. The country also has abundant deposits of basic mineral and metals like Iron, Bauxite, Zinc, Copper, Mangnese, Mica, Limestone, Gold, etc. Bauxite which is the basic ore from which Aluminum is made has a production of 1.3 million tonnes, and total aluminum produced by five of India's largest Refineries viz NALCO, BALCO, HINDALCO, MALCO and INDAL is about half a million tonnes of which 100,000 tonnes of aluminum and aluminum based products are exported to various countries of world. However the basic factor governing the aluminum price is London Metal Exchange (LME) and local rates are linked to that of LME.

Democratic Advantage
Since India is largest democracy of world it provides ample insulation in case of change in Government and more or less India is well set in its irreversible Trade And Foreign Policy. This will act as an incentive to sourcing manager world over when it comes to decide between India and China, Kingdoms And Earstwhile European Countries, as in short term it might provide cheaper Sourcing but as their economies are controlled they can't be relied in the long run for continuity of supply.

Labour Advantage
With population of 1.2 billion, India has largest numbers of skilled manpower and is the largest exporter of manpower to most developed countries in the fields of Software, Science and Technology. India today produces approximately 350000 new Engineers every year. As manpower is comparatively very cheap it provides tremendous advantage to source material with high labour content with comparative non too high technology. As a study by American Foundry Association shows that for a small foundry shop in USA employing less than 10 men, hourly minimum wage paid in US is about 20-25US$, compared to 1 to 2US$, average hourly wage in India. This when combined with comparatively very low overheads of an Indian Company, can provide an excellent sourcing base for developed countries, to tap.

Environment Advantage
As foundry is a polluting Industry and provides comparatively non friendly working environment, not many people prefer to work in a foundry. Above this, laws in USA And Europe are very strict towards Pollution Control measures and foundries in these countries have to take tremendous measures to overcome those Pollution Control Laws, and hence, Foundry Projects are becoming economically non viable in USA and Europe.
This when compared with none too strict Pollution Control Laws and compulsion Of labour force, provides good opportunity to source Foundry Products, i.e., Casting and Casting based products, from India.
At Superkino due to availability of Natural piped gas foundry has become virtually Green & non polluting.

Advantage Superkino
When a sourcing manager wants to avail all above mentioned advantages, Superkino provides best of them. Superkino is comparatively small organization for large multinationals, but the experience of key technical persons in all branches of Engineering, combined with very low overheads, and vast experience in Aluminum Casting, Casting based Electo mechanical products and turn key jobs for last 50 years, provides an opportunity, no sourcing manager can afford to ignore. Sourcing managers world over can on a long term basis focus their attention on India, which can be their most reliable partner cum vendor for man and material and Superkino can be an ideal partner to look for Casting and related products and the products under its 'Underwater Lights' and 'Transformer Accessories' business divisions, for years to come.

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